Who Cares for the Caregivers?

Caregifted grants respite to long-term family caregivers and works to increase public recognition of their gifts to society.

Full-time caregivers of the most severely disabled have sacrificed their own leisure, resources and ambitions to serve those unable to serve themselves. Such acts of love go largely unnoticed because these caregivers are generally confined to their homes, mired in unpaid labors.

Who cares for the caregivers? Caregifted grants respite to these long-term family caregivers and works to increase public recognition of their gifts to society, as well as of their historically unprecedented numbers.

The organization, based in Seattle, offers caregivers weeks away in inspiring places from California to Orcas Island—scenic, peaceful spots where caregivers can refresh their perspectives and record their views in words and images, returning home better rested and represented—Caregifted distributes their stories through blog, video, and other publications, and brings together artists, philanthropists and caregivers in a common understanding: The giver is gifted.

Are you a caregiver, or do you know one? You can apply here. To support Caregifted, please donate here.

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↓ Scenes from the documentary about Caregifted caregivers, Undersung.

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