Free the Snake: Restoring North America’s Greatest Salmon River

↑ Snake River salmon have been diverted up fish ladders, put on barges, trucked upstream – all in the hope that enough will bypass the four dams standing in their way of reaching their natural and historic habitat. It’s expensive, and it doesn’t work.

The time has come to breach the dams and reconnect wild salmon to this important watershed. 

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Help remove four deadbeat dams on the lower Snake River.

On the Left Coast we’ve made great strides in restoring rivers and deltas, including the largest dam removal project in history on the Elwha River, the successful additions of fish ladders to many existing dams (go figure, fish can’t make it past dams) and the Yakama Nation’s river restoration project.

To see their success, watch this video and pay special attention to the description of the ritual meal, where everything begins and ends with water.

↓ Watch 100 Years Ago and Today.

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