The Left’s Answer to ALEC: Say Hello to the State Innovation Exchange

Progressives needed an organization like ALEC. Now we have one. It’s called the State Innovation Exchange.

An organization that helps progressive legislators roll-out laws like minimum wage increases and democracy vouchers at the state level.

In recent years, progressives like Bill Moyers have often lamented the influence of the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) on the laws of the land. The organization makes the text of regressive laws available to neoliberal state legislators as copy-and-paste templates. Simply fill in the name of your state, approve the law, and join large swaths of the Deep South in, say, suppressing black votes.

Progressives have needed a counterbalancing organization. Now we have one. It’s called the State Innovation Exchange, or SiX, and it’s been behind the rapid rollout of state minimum wage increases and other progressive laws in Washington, Oregon, and California.

As we would expect, SiX is a little different from ALEC, because SiX wants you (yes you, the citizen) to be involved in the legislative process. You can create an account, connect with the community, and use the platform to bring about real change in your city or state.

Elected officials and staff across the country are writing legislation that will shape our future. At SiX, we provide trusted, expert resources to inform and enhance that work. Together, we’re building the legislative wing of the progressive movement.

SiX aims to encourage cross-pollination among states, providing a platform for the best ideas to spread and grow. We’re an ally in tough fights, and we provide cover in places where our resources make the biggest impact.

With a SiX account, users can access a legislative library, follow the activity of key legislators, and track issues as they evolve in each of the states. It’s an unprecedented set of tools designed to ensure the best thinking on current issues is used to advance progressive legislation in all 50 states.

What are you waiting for? Click here to receive updates about SiX, or click here to create an account and connect to the community.

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