Mind-blowing Seattle Street Art Appears When it Rains

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Imagine works of art that only appear when it rains. That’s what magician Peregrine Church, along with friends Xack Fischer and Forest Tressider, painted around the city of Seattle. They’ve done about 30 “rain works” so far. Find one on this map.

How is it done? By stenciling or painting a mind-blowingly hydrophobic (yet Earth-friendly and totally biodegradable) “invisible ink” on concrete. When it rains (which is like most of the time in Seattle) the stenciled work stays dry and—behold—the art appears as if by magic.

As Church puts it:

It’s sort of the ideal Seattle art. It’s going to rain no matter what. Why not do something cool with it?

Rainworks_6.jpg=s900x1300 Rainworks_4.jpg=s900x1300 Rainworks_3.jpg=s900x1300 Rainworks_11.jpg=s900x1300 Rainworks8.jpg=s900x1300

{ Images from Rain Works. }

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