Good Civic Planning Begins with Listening to People

San Francisco partnered with StoryCorps to record the history of the people in Bay View as a first step in the civic planning process.

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Think of it: Listening to people.

To revitalize the site of a former PG&E power plant in the Bayview Hunters Point neighborhood of San Francisco, the city partnered with national oral history nonprofit StoryCorps to record the history of the people who make up the community, as well as begin the conversation about how to best redevelop the land.

What emerged from listening to people? Start the regular civic planning process? No. Keep listening…

Rather than treating the listening process like a feel-good suggestion box for some distant city planner, the project will now continue with more listening: community-led, temporary elements will be installed and refined on the site over time until the right uses for the place emerge.

By The Editors

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