Citrus Pistachio Salad

This recipe is so simple, it seems a bit silly to really write a recipe for it but I am so inspired by this window of time where winter is closing out and we still have beautiful California citrus, but spring is ramping up and we can now buy pea shoots—toss them together with good olive oil and pistachios and you have the most California dish ever! Hah!


Mixed citrus, sliced (I recommend mandarins, blood oranges, and tangerines because they slice nicely. Here is some citrus slicing inspiration from Serious Eats.)
Pea shoots
Pistachios, toasted
Nice olive oil
Sea salt


Lightly toast the pistachios and set aside to cool. Layer the citrus as a foundation and sprinkle with the pea shoots and pistachios. Finish with olive oil and sea salt. My suggestion is to make this salad right before you are going to serve it and eat it quickly so the pistachios don’t get soggy!

This recipe first appeared in The Coast Kitchen.

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