Watch the short film Tomgirl, above, then use the following questions to guide your discussion.

Is your reaction to a tomboy different from your reaction to a tomgirl? How exactly?

Do you think a tomboy seeks sanctuary from the world of feminine signifiers? Do you think tomgirls seek the same kind of sanctuary from masculine signifiers? What’s the difference?

What’s the relationship between the clothes, the gender association of those clothes, and identity? Do we wear clothes in spite of their gender association or because of their gender association? Some of both? Is it different for tomgirls?

In the film, Jake’s mother initially resists crossing the threshold of letting Jake wear skirts and dresses. Apart from clothes, what else defines that threshold between genders? And is crossing that threshold what defines the “trans” in transgender? What would happen if the threshold changed? Became more fluid? Disappeared?

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