Replacing Drugs with Food, Compton Gets Served

A damn good Compton-based catering business.

↑ What do you get when you combine former gang members, some cooking skills, a dedication to your neighborhood, and an underground sales and distribution team? A damn good Compton-based catering business. Come on in to Trap Kitchen.

For generations, some of the best entrepreneurial talent in America has not only gone wasted, it’s been locked up in prison. But these guys have figured out a way to use “the same mentality” (underground sales and distribution) to sell a different kind of dope—food.

It’s another example of how new technologies can be used to more equitably distribute power to people and communities. We smell a nationwide Trap Kitchen platform cooperative in the works.

Please note: In the video, the Cordon Bleu cooking school gets a mention, but beware—that school is a for-profit college defending itself from a class-action lawsuit for exploiting students with predatory loans. A far better alternative would be a place like the Portland Kitchen. If you could setup a similar Compton Kitchen, then you’d really be cooking with gas.

By The Editors

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