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How Might We Cook in 2025?

Say hello to AI in the kitchen.

↑ Watch Designing The Concept Kitchen, 2025. And say hello to artificial intelligence in the kitchen.

Those wacky Swedes at IKEA have done it again (with some help from IDEO in Palo Alto and London). What will our kitchens be like in 2025? Well, for starters, apparently we’ll supplement (and possibly supplant) our own in-person shopping with nifty drones that show up with a quart of milk or fresh basil anytime we want it.

Beyond that, all the knowledge one gets from being an experienced cook will be externalized (yet, like, totally available to you) via a bot that stares down at a smart table and basically tells you what to do—not necessarily in a computer voice, like Hal from 2001, but visually.

Put a bowl of tomatoes on the table, and it projects things you can do with your tomatoes onto the table. Move those tomatoes near some mushrooms? It shows you what you can do with those ingredients if you pair them together or with other things. This feature alone could potentially rescue us from generations of cooking illiteracy.

Then they decide to completely blow the lid off our minds by having this smart table not only do all that, but serve as a cooktop as well. Oh, and it’ll also wirelessly charge your phone.

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