Cutting Edge: Tool Libraries

Up and down the Left Coast, cities and communities are creating lending libraries—for kitchen tools, construction, landscaping, and more.

Think of it: No longer does every household on the block need a complete set of tools for maintenance and repair! Amazing.

Does your city or community have a tool library? No? Start one! The following Left Coast communities have established tool libraries.


  • Berkeley – Berkeley Public Library’s Tool Lending Library
  • Oakland – Oakland Public Library’s Temescal Tool Lending Library
  • San Francisco – San Francisco Tool Lending Center (recently re-opened, check site for more information)
  • Santa Clara – Silicon Valley Power Tool Lending Library (energy-related only)
  • Sonoma County (Santa Rosa) – Santa Rosa Tool Library
  • San Francisco – PG&E Pacific Energy Center Tool Lending Library (commercial and industrial energy efficiency projects)



British Columbia

  • Vancouver – Vancouver Tool Library: home repair, gardening/landscaping, and bike maintenance tools

By The Editors

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