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The Yacht Rock Genre

Once upon a time I worked at a jukebox company—excuse me, a “digital music delivery device and media” company—in San Francisco. It was an open office (a big room with desks crammed into it) and throughout the day we’d get up from our desks and play music from one of the dozen or so jukeboxes in the room. It was cool, and yes, crazy.

I soon found myself gravitating to a certain kind of good time party music. It turned out to have a name: yacht rock. Breezy, fun, melodic—a sonic representation of a unique period of time when people were snorting coke and staring out at the ocean. Oh, and flute solos.

Will Ferrell and Adam McKay get it. You’ll hear yacht rock all over the Anchorman 2 soundtrack. Dig it. Immediately.

The thing is, Anchorman 2, for all its ridiculously glorious comedy gold, packs a powerful punch to the gonads. Whose gonads exactly? Ron Burgundy’s, for one, and the sensationalist news format, which Burgundy invents but then—after going blind, bottle-feeding a shark back to health, and restoring his soul—dismantles by reminding viewers that the true job of journalism is to warn people about what the powerful are up to.

This is the genius of Ron Burgundy. We can laugh at his brand of dated, sexist, racist idiocy and realize it’s very much still with us. When a black woman takes interest in him, he nervously and repeatedly mouths “Black…” at her.

In many ways, Ron Burgundy is like Ronald Reagan. Where did Reagan announce he would run for president? At the yacht club in Orange County. Coincidence? I think not! Over the years, I’ve had a fantastic time watching Ferrell lampoon SoCal’s special breed of moron. Yachts, yacht rock, and even yacht rap, are very much a part of it. Behold:

↓ “Boats ‘n’ Hoes” music video presentation in Step Brothers.

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