The Revolution Will Be Open Source

↑ Play How to Grow a Tiny Forest Anywhere.

In this TED Talk we learn about new ways to achieve re-forestation. While this in itself is awesome, the most important aspect of this project is that it was made available open source.

Other companies are trying to cash-in on climate change by using the same old business models that got us into this mess. For example, the people at Global Thermostat claim to be sitting on technology that can extract CO2 from the atmosphere. If that’s true, why aren’t they making it available open source? We can’t solve the problem with the same profit-driven system that caused the problem.

In many ways the Earth itself is open source and we’ve profited from that by using complex systems to extract, define, and manipulate the value of what has been given freely to us (the most ridiculous example may be the patenting of seeds). Open source technologies are an important means by which our civilization might begin to return the favors we’ve received.

So hats off to the people at Afforestt and Tesla and all the organizations who feel morally responsible to make potentially planet-saving technologies available open source to the world.

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