Talking Shop with Bernie Sanders and Killer Mike

Bernie Sanders & Killer Mike

“I didn’t get into politics to figure how I could become President or a senator. I got into politics because I give a damn,” said Bernie Sanders, seated in a barbershop chair in Atlanta.

In an interview published on Tuesday, the senator from Vermont and presidential contender talked frankly with rapper and activist Killer Mike about everything from socialism to marijuana, from social justice to voter ID laws.

The six-part video was filmed when Sanders made a campaign stop in Georgia’s capital city last month and was uploaded Tuesday to the rapper’s You Tube channel with the title, “Talking Shop with Bernie Sanders and Killer Mike.”

At one point, Killer Mike asks Sanders, “So what is socialism and what does it mean to the black community?”

Sanders responds:

What it means to me, what it means to the black community, what it means to the American community is the understanding that when we talk about rights—you have freedom of speech—but in order to be truly free you need economic rights as well. You can go out and give a speech but if you don’t have any food in your stomach, you don’t have a roof over your head, you don’t have any education, are you really free? And I think in the richest country in the history of the world—which is what we are right now—we can do infinitely better in providing economic rights to our people.

What democratic socialism means to him, Sanders said, is “that everybody at least has a minimal standard of living and some dignity as a result of that.”

Watch the entire six-part interview below.

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This post first appeared in Common Dreams.
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