Taking Heart in SF’s Skating Scene


In the heart of Golden Gate Park is a smoothly paved oval where roller skaters do their thing. Those of us who’ve lamented the loss of San Francisco’s free spirit in recent years can take heart in the survival of this vital and quintessential scene.

PDX Art Bar Mixes Cocktails & Creativity


The floor-to-ceiling curtains conceal one of the city’s most outlandish business establishments by day. But by night, they part to reveal a set of stadium bleachers facing the street and a bar that is as much an art project as a business endeavor, complete with the nation’s first Bartender in Residency program.

Day Job (Why I Paint)


The first thing that happens after youth is something called reality. In reality, you cannot make any money as a painter, at least in the United States of America. Let’s talk about how to live in reality and be a painter.