Somber but Determined in Paris

↑ Images from today’s Climate March in Paris.

Despite the state of emergency that banned all public gatherings, tens of thousands of people lined the streets to demand Climate Justice and a global agreement on carbon emissions.

For me, this marching band captured the mood on the streets of Paris today—from feelings of grief and sorrow in the face of the realities we face, to collective solidarity and a renewed commitment to take action.

La Fanfare Invisible

There were many points today where the Paris Climate March (with thousands of people lining the sidewalks) intersected the public memorials to the victims of the Paris attacks (where flowers and handwritten notes covered the ground). 

The feeling of both these strands of history weaving together on these narrow pathways created a somber but determined attitude in the crowds, most pronounced among Parisians who were committed to ending both forms of violence, be it from terrorism or climate change, and stood together in reverence of life.

The sound quality isn’t great, but by the time they stopped playing the song, many people in the crowd were wiping their tears.

Then they kept marching.

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