Raise the River: It Begins and Ends with Water

↑ Play the Raise the River PSA with Robert Redford and Will Ferrell

How great is this? Redford and Ferrell hilariously and poignantly shine a spotlight on LA’s depletion of the Colorado River. Redford plays himself, promoting his Raise the River campaign, and Ferrell plays a cluelessly selfish dude from Orange County who would rather Raise the Ocean.

LA’s suburban swimming pools, orange groves, and decorative freeway fountains have a major impact on the Left Coast. Southern California is bleeding both the Colorado River delta and the Sacramento River delta dry.

We know how to return to sanity, it’s just a matter of choice and will.

We’ve actually made great strides in restoring rivers and deltas, including the largest dam removal project in history on the Elwha River, the successful additions of fish ladders to many existing dams (go figure, fish can’t make it past dams) and the Yakama Nation’s river restoration project.

To see the Yakama Nation’s success, watch this video and pay special attention to the description of the ritual meal, where everything begins and ends with water.

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