Powell’s Most Expensive Book

↑ Via State of Wonder: Visitors to Portland’s famous bookstore may never know there’s one very rare and VERY expensive volume hidden away beyond the stacks.

Powell’s City of Books swells with customers on a Sunday during the holiday season. Shoppers visiting the book store that engulfs a downtown Portland city block  stream through its 3,500 sections that organize around a million titles.

But there is one book that almost no one, including staff, is able to see. Locked away in a secret location is the store’s most expensive book. It’s only taken out for serious buyers.

“It’s legendary in terms of Powell’s lore,” said Jeremy Garber the events coordinator. Garber has worked at Powell’s for 10 years and has never seen it. “I don’t think it’s even at the store.”

I asked three different employees where the book was. I got three different answers.

“We’re not just going to draw you a map and say to somebody ‘if you want it come and get it’,” said Michael Powell the former president of the family store.

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