Ode to the Best TV Shows Cancelled Too Soon

Sometimes when you turn the TV off, it takes a minute for the screen to fade to black. I never wanted you to end.

Across those vast landscapes of dust, you could’ve ridden on forever. Through the heavens, flying with singular purpose, or drifting, wondering what to do next. Imagine all the obstacles you might’ve overcome. How many winning smiles—your boot heel resting on a vanquished foe.

In the end, the greatest villains were not out there, but here, in this time and space. The Suits. They justified it, of course: the beans (the counting of them), the generation gap, the reorg, the new mandate.

In Alexandria, the Romans came with torches and set the library ablaze, and a column of smoke rose into the sky. We’ll never know how much we lost.

The bright lights take a while to cool, so you load everything else first. Cables are wrapped, trunks locked. Everyone goes their separate ways.

But we had fun, didn’t we? And we were good friends. Out there under the stars, on our too-bright, bittersweet adventure.

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