Make a Deep Impact at Impact Hub

Everyone has ideas for making the world a better place. But where does one go to make them happen?

Okay, so Impact Hub is a cool and transformative thing you should know about—especially if you want to start (or be part of) new ventures that act locally to make the world a better place.

Jonathan Robinson, co-founder of the Hub organization, explains it this way: “Everyone has ideas for making the world a better place. But where does one go to make them happen? We felt there was a crisis of access to the experience, infrastructure, and networks needed to turn ideas into reality. We discovered a whole set of people trying to realize good ideas from their bedrooms—lonely, cut off from the world. So it dawned on us: What if these people could come together in the same physical space and have a place to connect?”

Impact Hub has spaces in Seattle, San Francisco, Oakland, and Berkeley—it’s also international, with spaces in Europe, Africa, Asia, and Oceania. Unlike a traditional franchise where the global owns the local, the Hub is a distributed model where the local owns the global (and delegates management of the network to a central company). This social franchise model is aligned with the Hub’s values and principles.

So, what are the values and principles we’re talking about? The things we take for granted on the Left Coast. When you go to the Join page, they’re laid out for you.

As a part of this community, I understand that it is my responsibility to maintain and advance the following principles:

  1. Authenticity: We invite the whole person into the space and create a container for authenticity to emerge.
  2. Radical Inclusivity: We believe, in order to create a thriving and resilient community, all voices and perspectives must be invited to the conversation. We thrive because we are diverse and multicultural.
  3. Creativity & Expression: We believe at the core of transformation is creativity. We inspire each other to express our creativity and purpose.
  4. Collaboration: Our meme is innovation through collaboration. We embody the African proverb: “If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together”.
  5. Inspiration: We believe a spark of inspiration has the ability to change the world. We consciously create an atmosphere of inspiration.
  6. Respect: We honor each other’s special gifts and differences and keep sacred our physical environment.
  7. Reciprocity: We value the opportunity to give to our community and receive from it.
  8. Effectiveness: We leverage each other’s strengths and resources and gain the knowledge we need to effectively contribute to making a better world.

Do I agree with the above member values?

Well do ya?

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