Electric Tricycle Sharing Coming Soon to Vancouver

What do you get when you cross an electric bike with a smart car? A Veemo.

Designed and built by VeleMetro Mobility, the Veemo is a single-person, electric-assist, solar-powered, networked, enclosed tricycle that will, later this year, be found zipping down the bike lanes around the University of British Columbia and, next year, in Vancouver.

A smartphone swipe is all that will be needed to rent a Veemo and it will cost 30 percent less than existing options. No helmet and no driver’s license are required which makes it perfect for both commuters and non-drivers, even in inclement weather. You also can’t tip over on a Veemo because it’s a tricycle, which means it’s a safer and more attractive option for riders hesitant to hop on a bike or a scooter.

With three Veemo prototypes currently on display, Velometro is now making the rounds for financing, including a stop at the recent GLOBE Innovation Expo in Vancouver. The company’s goal is to produce a fleet of 10 vehicles for beta testing in partnership with the Vancouver Economic Commission’s Green & Digital Demonstration Program.

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