Doug Baldwin Realizes Something

12th Man Flag

Time expires. The other players make their way to the tunnel. Not Doug Baldwin. He realizes something.

This isn’t just a loss. This is a pattern. Something that needs to be understood before the next game and the next. The plays run through his mind.

Six drives in the second half, six punts in a row.

It feels like an exaggeration of something that was there all along, maybe too subtle to be detected. Losing a 17 point lead wakes you up.

In the Superbowl, we had a lead, too. But in the second half, how many punts did we have in a row?

It’s a funny thing about leads. You can’t keep a lead just by defending it. You have to stay on the offense.

It’s one thing for us to have a scheme, but are we using the right part of the scheme at the right time in the game?

He thought back to the 49ers. The real 49ers. Montana in the 4th quarter. Those unstoppable drives.

Doug Baldwin stared at the football field. With all the talent on this team, how spectacular should our winning drives be? How unstoppable?

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