Defending Freedom with #BundyEroticFanFic


Many think the armed white men from Nevada occupying the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge in Oregon should go home. We get that. The thing is, Nevada and Eastern Oregon are actually in the same region: The Far West. Here’s a helpful map:


While the West has its charms, nearly every white dude in the region is an anti-government libertarian—the irony, of course, is that no other region is so utterly dependent on Federal largesse.

Since we saw the news of the armed standoff as a Far West story, we didn’t plan to say anything about it. Mercifully, along came Decemberists frontman (and Left Coast resident) Colin Meloy with the perfect commentary.

Meloy started writing “erotic fan fiction” under the sexy hashtag #BundyEroticFanFic. Behold:

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