Climbers Shout from Mountaintops for Bold Action in Paris


↑ The Endurance.

Tim Jarvis is no stranger to challenging conditions. The Australian explorer and environmentalist has journeyed (without a support team) to the North and South Poles and retraced Ernest Shackleton’s disastrous 1916 Trans-Antarctica expedition.

Now, Jarvis is on another adventure: During the Paris climate change conference, he and other climbing teams plan to summit 6 of the 25 equatorial mountains that still, remarkably, have glaciers.

In the above video, Jarvis explains his latest undertaking, called 25zero (a play on words: 25 mountains at zero latitude, which in 25 years will have zero ice).

As world leaders convene in France to talk carbon pollution, the climbers will ascend these mountains in Asia, Africa, and South America, sending back images and footage in real-time to encourage negotiators to get over any humps they encounter.

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