The Barricades of Heaven

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So many of us on the Left Coast have made that fateful journey to Los Angeles to chase our dreams.

Running down around the towns along the shore
When I was sixteen and on my own
No, I couldn’t tell you what the hell those brakes were for
I was just trying to hear my song

Maybe we went there with friends who shared the dream, or had dreams of their own.

Jimmy found his own sweet sound and won that free guitar
We’d all get in the van and play
Life became the Paradox, the Bear, the Rouge et Noir
And the stretch of road running to L.A.

The story of our lives became entwined with the stories in screenplays read silently on a warm summer night by the dim glow of a computer screen.

Pages turning
Pages we were years from learning
Straight into the night our hearts were flung

How could we know?

Better bring your own redemption when you come
To the barricades of Heaven where I’m from

When the rain washed away the smog, the views on those days sustained us for a time.

All the world was shining from those hills
The stars above and the lights below
Among those there to test their fortunes and their wills
I lost track of ’em all long ago

We could see it, couldn’t we? Redemption. Forever just out of reach beyond those barricades.

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